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Happy Mother's Day from Queen Meek!

This Mother's Day is ALL ABOUT YOU!! At Queen Meek Fitness, we care about mothers in a special way! Hi, my name is Meek, and I am a strong advocate for women's health overall. As a Board-Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Personal Trainer, and Serial Entrepreneur, I am passionate about women putting themselves at the forefront of their lives and committing time to SELF CARE! Because I know how hard you work at being not just an amazing woman but an amazing mom,  I am providing a VERY SPECIAL DISCOUNT just for you

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The Mother's Day Package

This Mother's Day, enjoy the following discounts and specials to kickstart your wellness journey!


*** This Mother's Day, I am taking 50 women on a special journey to create a community of mothers who are ready and committed to creating the life and body that they have always wanted! This isn't a fashion show or a competition of who can lose the most weight! This is about YOUR individual journey and being pleased with what YOU see! This training package will include 3 tiers to choose from (See Online Training Tab). Choose your tier and get ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Join a community of women and mothers just like you that will work alongside you and hold you accountable!

*** In addition, I am offering each mother ONE FREE PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION!! (Appointment only). During this free session, you will perform an InBody Scan (valued at $1200) that assesses metrics for the entire body. Following this scan, you will receive a full health evaluation and fitness assessment to determine your particular goals and ways in which we can create success together! We must develop a plan of success that is achievable!

*** Lastly... Receive access to one month free of appointments with our partner company in wellness: UrGyn, LLC. UrGyn, LLC is an online OBGYN telehealth company designed to tailor to women who need urgent gynecologic care. Some of these may include: abnormal bleeding, heavy menstrual cycles, contraception, birth control, family planning, fibroids, breast pain, migraines, and other ailments that can be treated online without waiting months for an appointment. Beginning in June, they will even be offering in-person appointments!

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to kickstart your journey and to join a community of women to serve as accountability partners, support, and essentially, family!

Fill out the contact form below to join! Please contact us with any questions you may have!


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