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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

One of the hardest parts about beginning a fitness journey is simply STARTING!! It's so hard to gain the motivation to get in the gym and to actually begin an exercise program? Where do you begin? Where should your membership be? Should you get a trainer? What are your goals? Soooooo many questions..... So before you start your fitness journey, I suggest you answer the following questions to gain an insight into obtaining the best outcomes based on personal goals!

1) How often do you want to work out realistically?

2) What are your physical fitness goals?

3) Do you have nutrition needs and goals?

4) Do you need mental health assistance?

5) Do you have a gym membership or does your trainer have access to one?

6) What would you like your gym membership to include?

7) What are some obstacles that you have encountered when attempting to stay consistent with fitness training?

8) Do you struggle with confidence in a large gym setting or class setting?

9) Do you have a goal for weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain, or any other goal?

10) How dedicated are you to obtaining your goals?

All of these questions will help you BEGIN!!! Ultimately, it's up to YOU to remain consistent, but it does help to have someone to push you, motivate you, and to hold you accountable! That is where I come in! As a registered nurse who has been physically active all of my life, I am fully aware of the health needs of all persons! I am able to tailor workout plans based on physical limitations as well as health needs! A trainer is more than just someone who tells you what to do when working out. They often become close friends, a listening ear, and even a health consultant. Getting started with a trainer is step one to improving health conditions or even getting rid of them. A healthy exercise program lowers blood glucose levels for diabetes, lowers blood pressure, and improves cardiac strength and blood flow to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

SO.... The choice is yours!!!

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